Joint Conference of EMLG/JMLG Meeting 2018 and 41st Symposium on Solution Chemistry of Japan

[Dates]Sun, 4th November, 2018 (Reception), Mon-Thurs, 5-8th November, 2018  [Venue]Engineering and Science (E & S) Building, Nagoya University  [Organizer] Professor Susumu Okazaki (Nagoya University)

The EMLG/JMLG (European/Japanese Molecular Liquids Group) is an interdisciplinary group covering the molecular aspects of liquids in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The European group was founded in 1982 and was joined by the Japanese group in 1996 as a sister organization to cooperate and coordinate activities in the field. JMLG became the international division of the Japan Association of Solution Chemistry (JASC) in 2005.

The EMLG/JMLG has organized annual meetings every year since 1982 in different European countries and with different focuses. The first JMLG meeting was held in Fukuoka in 1999 as a post symposium of the International Conference of Solution Chemistry.

The JASC is an interdisciplinary association covering all aspects of liquids and solutions in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Environmental Science. JASC was founded in 1984 by researchers interested in the study of solution involved in Chemistry and Physics, in areas such as Coordination Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, etc. It has organized annual national symposia (Symposium of Solution Chemistry of Japan, SSCJ) every year since 1978 in different cities in Japan, such as Himeji (2017), Tsukuba (2016), and Kochi (2015).

The first joint conference of SSCJ and EMLG/JMLG was successfully held in Fukuoka, Japan in 2007. It was attended by 226 scientists from 20 countries.

Here we will organize the second joint conference again in Japan after 11 years. The meeting will be held in Nagoya, central Japan, as a joint conference of the 41st Symposium of Solution Chemistry of Japan (SSCJ41) and EMLG/JMLG 2018 meeting with a theme of Understanding of Molecular Liquids and Its Extension to New Fields. It aims to present the most recent progress in experiment, theory and simulation of complex liquid systems. This includes study of structure, thermodynamics, phase transition, dynamics, chemical reactions, and stability of biomolecules in complex liquid systems. These are very active research areas which share experimental techniques and theoretical approaches. Those who have an interest in liquids and solutions will find the Joint Conference well worth attending.

The Japan Association of Solution Chemistry
The European/Japanese Molecular Liquids Group
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Japan Society for Molecular Science
The Biophysical Society of Japan
The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan
The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University

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